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Beyond Famous: 2017 Induction Gala & Red Carpet

Leave A Trail - Wali Shah
Performed at Beyond Famous Gala - November 15, 2017

If you could leave a trail,
Where would it lead?
Would you chase your passion,
Burning like a fire you need.

If you could leave a trail,
Leave it in the path less travelled,
For the adventurous, the brave,
For those who seek the truth unravelled.

And if someone traced your footsteps,
Following the path you made,
Maybe you eased their journey.
Maybe it’s the reason they stayed.

Or the reason they started.
Because they saw the map and the path that you charted.

So this is for nights that we questioned what we’re alive for,
Remembering our passion
Is the purpose for which we strive more,
And it wasn’t for the fame, or,
To win the game with a high-score,
This is for the youth,
Like Anna, the 11-year old,
We provide for.

To inspire & be a light for.

So that on the dark days,
Their path glimmers with hope, that you gave,
Because you remember your path glimmered,
When you hoped to be brave.

And if you leave a trail,
Remember to show us where you fell,
Not just where you achieved.
Because success is not an award,
Or the paycheck you receive.
It’s a choice, to stand up after falling,
To rise above, and believe.

Just imagine:
The bridges that broke, before Ted Rogers got us connected,
Adversities David Suzuki faced before Mother Nature was protected,
Or how long it took Shawn to get one song perfected,
The point Donovan's team work and dream work intersected,
So even when it seems like there’s no avail,
Just keep on stompin’ through the trail,

And look to the stars for your source of light,
Stars like Viola Desmond, who stood up in spite,
Of injustice and inequity and did what was right,
See, leaving a legacy doesn’t occur overnight.

And with power comes responsibility,
To mean more, to more people, more often.

So when the world gathers around,
And the poets tell your tale,
It’s the next generation,

That will follow, your trail.

All photos by George Pimentel Photography.