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About Us


In 1998, Canada’s Walk of Fame was created as a permanent place of tribute and recognition for Canadian achievement. What began as a spirited plan to mimic an American idea has grown into a cultural event of its own distinctive character that embraces the glamour of celebrity and graciousness of our Canadian personality.

Along the way, we have also learned about the extraordinary accomplishments that Canadians have achieved. These are compelling and inspirational stories that should be woven into our cultural fabric. We have also learned that there is a continuing need and growing appetite in Canada for an initiative such as ours to do even more. Our Board of Directors is now comprised of accomplished individuals who are very qualified to take Canada’s Walk of Fame to the next level.

In 2012, Canada’s Walk of Fame became a national registered charity (#889896924 RR0001), which will allow us to continue to celebrate Canadian excellence, inspire the next generation and keep a physical representation of our history alive along King Street in Toronto.

For more than a decade, Canada’s Walk of Fame has set the tone for honouring Canadians and Canadian achievement. We now have a unique opportunity to accomplish much more and to establish a Canadian legacy.


Canada's Walk of Fame is a non-profit organization and national registered charity. We have chosen as our mission to engage Canadians in celebrating those who have excelled in music, sport, film, television, as well as the literary, visual, performing arts, science and innovation, social justice and philanthropy.

We are in the business of celebrating Canadian excellence and inspiring the next generation of emerging Canadian talent.


Canada is an amazing country. We are peaceful, diverse and harmonious. We are socially responsible, creative, driven, confident and successful. We are also polite and humble. For a very young nation, we have accomplished so much. We have produced some of the world's greatest cultural success stories in music, film, sports, as well as visual, literary, and performing arts, science and innovation. Never before has the sense of Canadian pride been so resonant in our country. As individuals, this is what bonds us together and makes us feel we are part of a greater whole. We have a lot to be proud of. We believe that our greatest asset is our people, those who have succeeded and those who will be inspired to follow in their footsteps.